TBT: Bella’s Boys

Happy Throwback Thursday!

In 2020, Stitched Smile Publications released the novella Bella’s Boys: A Tale of Cosmic Horror by Thomas R Clark.

bellasboys1aIt’s March 1993, and a storm is coming …

On the eve of a massive Nor’easter menacing the Eastern Seaboard, Singer Corey Collins meets Sandy Bellavia at a karaoke bar in upstate New York. Corey thinks he’s met the girl of his desires, and follows “Bella” to her home for shelter from the storm. Soon Corey finds himself fulfilling a bucket-list sex and rock-n-roll fantasy.

Until Corey hears a legion of taunting voices in his head, whispering madness … and nightmares invade Corey’s dreams. Now trapped in the heart of a raging blizzard as snow accumulates by the foot, Corey learns his lover isn’t who, or what, he believed. She’s something terrifying, ancient …

…and hungry.

Author Christine Morgan called it “a sleek and well-written story.”

Voracious Gnome said, “Thomas Clark has the skill to build up the suspense, drop in some eroticism, then rip off the band-aid and leave you holding your breath!”

Bibliophilia Templum called it “A gripping, vivid, and disturbing tale” and said, “Bella’s Boys is dark and evocative and flows entirely too well for something so brutally disturbing.”

Bella’s Boys was a 2021 Splatterpunk Award Nominee for Best Novella. It is available on Amazon in kindle, audiobook, and paperback, and on Godless in ebook.



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